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Mount Sinai doctor accused of drugging with morphine and sexually assaulting patient

A prominent Manhattan doctor was accused of groping a second Mount Sinai Hospital patient before surrendering Tuesday for allegedly masturbating onto another woman’s face, the Daily News has learned.


Dr. David Newman turned himself in on charges that he ejaculated on a patient knocked out by a shot of morphine that he delivered personally in the hospital emergency room.

Newman, 45, showed a stone face and declined to speak as he walked into the NYPD Special Victims Squad in Harlem — and again as he was led away in handcuffs four hours later.

The doctor, an Iraq War veteran and published author, was arraigned on sexual abuse and forcible touching charges in both cases Tuesday evening.


Newman, whose wife skipped the arraignment, was held on $150,000 bond over $50,000 cash bail.

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